Founding partners Evelina and Jonas met in Sweden, got to know each other in America, fell in love with each other and the Scandimerican blend of simplicity and leisure.


We started out researching really long lasting garment-designs on our weekends. After so many weekend explorations of garment design in relation to nature we nicknamed our escapades the Weekend Adventure Company. We formed the ideas for WACAY while traveling Europe, Asia and California. During these travels we explored the long gone boundaries between work and leisure time on travel or home base. Back in Scandinavia and Sweden we got to work and founded WACAY. Today we are based in the south-western part of Sweden just south of Gothenburg.

WACAY is founded on values of quality. Quality of life in unison with a sound relation to the nature. Our products are designed to last, not only when it comes to strong materials and fine workmanship. We design for sustainable style rather than seasonal fashion.

We make long lasting ready to wear and home textiles in the premium segment. Timeless, functional and high quality products that outlive us to become story tellers for the next generation of wearers.





Weekend Adventure Company a.k.a WACAY is an internationally registered Trademark. We claim to be a new, sound and sustainable company in the business of making clothes and interior textiles.

Our promise is that every original WACAY product is carefully designed and produced to last as long as possible, both quality and style wise. Every component of our products are carefully chosen to keep this promise.

Timeless style together with long lasting materials, comfortable fit and functional design is our trademark.




We are developing 3 collections. Men’s & Women’s ready to wear collections and one small Home Wear collection. We design, develop and test all our products in Sweden and use sound, high quality production where we carefully choose fibers, accessories and details that contributes to a sustainable process.  Our products are a juxtaposition of function, sophistication and timeless style. We believe in a versatile wardrobe where the garments overlap different activities.