Amy & Hanna


To continue our journey of real meetings we headed over to Copenhagen to meet up with the two besties Hanna & Amy. We wanted to bring up a new subject in our IRL- tour and get their take on friendship. We meet up with our soon to become new friends at Sonny, Hanna’s local coffee place. Just as we sat down, these two nifty women came swoshing (Copenhagen-style) down the street on their stylish bikes. 


Amy and Hanna wears Jane Jacket and Pant


How long have you two been friends?

Amy: We met at a blog conference in Gothenburg. I think it was in 2012 (am I right Hanna?) I saw Hanna in the mingle room and thought her charisma and aura was amazing. She was just standing talking to some girls and had the biggest smile and coolest clothes. After a few minutes we started talking and then it’s history.

What is friendship to you?

Amy: To me friendship is everything. It is happiness, love, not feeling lonely, sharing moments and A LOT of laughter. Without friends life would be gray and boring. There’s a line that got stuck with me after watching into the wild 10 years ago, which is “Happiness is real only when shared”. And it couldn’t be more true! What’s the point of traveling, having crazy nights out and experiencing life if you can’t share it with someone?

Yet, for me friendship is not only about the fun times. Having a strong relationship to someone means that you’re there and care also in the darker moments of life. And I guess it’s here you can see the difference between your close friends and your acquaintances. Just because you aren’t your happiest self, your real friends doesn’t just leave you and come back in better times – they are there for you and help/show their support and are more than happy to miss a fun event or trip, just to take care and be with you instead.

Hanna: I agree with all Amy says. It’s being there for each other in fun times and in sad times. I’ve been going through two rough years and to see your friends being there for you even when its tough and sad, carrying about you it just fills my heart with love. When both Amy and I lived in Stockholm we hung out all the time and the best part about going out partying together was the day after when we sat down and talked about the night. And even though we live in different cities now I still feel like we met yesterday every time we see each other even if there’s been a month.

How do you help each other to grow? And how do you stay friends over time?

Amy: Even though we live in different cities we are good at visiting each others, or planning trips together. And it isn’t any struggle really, because after a couple of weeks without being with Hanna I just feel an urge and longing to hang out with her again. And then we do, haha.

That’s an interesting question. I guess it’s because we have a deeper connection maybe, or that we have so much fun together – the circumstances (different cities, different relationship status, different lifestyles etc) doesn’t really matter. Now when I’m a mother and doing the family thing more, I can’t see how that will affect our relationship. I’ll just bring baby Luna to Copenhagen or let her stay with dad an evening so that we can go out dancing 🙂

Hanna: In some way I think we are soulmates. We have the same thoughts. We always want whats best for one another and it’s just easy. We care for and take care of each other. We don’t pick on each other, we both live after the philosophy “Be kind and be happy”. But foremost, we have fun together. So much fun. Amy makes me laugh, it’s what we do. Talk and laugh. And maybe because of the laughing we give each other energy and inspiration. I always feel happy and energetic after hanging out with Amy. She is amazing in that way.

Your best memory together?

Amy: There’s too many! I don’t know where to start. One of my favorite ones is when we’re a group of 5 girls in Warszawa for a long weekend, and Hanna comes back after a little shopping tour with 5 wigs and say “tonight will be fun”. And that night was SO much fun, imagine five girls going out in crazy pink, red, blue hair and dancing till 6 in the morning. Another one was when Hanna just moved to Copenhagen and we rented an Airbnb and had pre-party in the bathtub, or when we celebrated new years together and went to the most fanciest party in chili and french fries hats.

Hanna: So hard, there is to many. So many fun summer nights in Stockholm and Copenhagen. And Warsawa. All my memories with Amy is amazing. I loved when we went to Nice together last fall just the two of us. Taking walks by the ocean, cooking dinner, doing yoga on the beach, driving the wrong way on a one way street and just laughing all the time. I’m so excited for the time laying a head of us. Thinking of Amy having a baby just fils me up with love and I can wait for all the new memories we are about to make together.



Amy and Hanna – Thank you for sharing your take on friendship with us.