Hanna & Jimmy


Name: Hanna Marzouki Widlund
Profession: Stylist, Content Creator
Located: Borås, Sweden

Name: Jimmy Loutfi
Profession: Engineer, Entrepreneur
Located: Borås, Sweden

We embarked on a journey to IRL-meet the inspiring people we so often see on our screens.

First out in this serie we went for a short roadtrip from our office to the beautiful home of Hanna MW and Jimmy Loutfi. This creative couple lives in a colourful, inviting apartment in the center of the textile capital of Sweden. We were welcomed by a pleasant scent of incense, candle light and the lovely energy of Hanna & Jimmy. Their home is filled with personal objects and art pieces effortlessly mixed together in a beautiful way. 


We threw our selves into their cozy sofa and quickly found our first common discussion ground when it comes to combining work with relationship and family.

Hanna’s career in the fashion industry comes with a lot of traveling and late working days. Jimmy works as an engineer and just recently launched his new accessory-brand Louis Abel.

“We know you travel a lot, what keeps you rooted here in Borås?”

Hanna – “Haha, I get that question like 300 times a day 🙂 Family means a lot to us, this is were we grew up together with many of our friends. Borås is a city with a lot of happy memories and even tho we love to travel a lot and might live in another city or even country in the future, we will always have our base here in Borås close to our family. Jimmy and I are also very close to each others families witch creates an even stronger bond between us.”

“What’s your take on home and traveling? How do you feel about the fact that Hanna travels a lot?”

Jimmy – “I’ve always had a close relationship with both friends and family here, so even if Hanna travels a lot I never feel alone or think of it as a problem. This lifestyle wasn’t obvious in the beginning of our relationship and I was a bit unsure how I would handle being apart from each other that much.”

“What makes you strong together?”

Jimmy – “Our relationship is built on trust and we’ve always talked about everything. Just talking and trusting will get you a solid ground. My view on relationships is that you’re both one as a couple but also two individuals. You have to give each other room to evolve and help each other to push forward. I think we are good in that way 🙂 I remember when Hanna worked as a waitress with a dream of become a stylist, and I’ve support her everyday in her dreams as she in mine and my dreams with developing my own brand.” 

“What has been your biggest challenge as a couple so far?”

Hanna – “The biggest challenge has been to get enough quality time for just the two of us. We spend much of our time with family, work and friends. We might not prioritize quality time together as much as we would like to.”

Jimmy – “Yes, there are times when we forget to prioritize each other enough. That’s when it’s important to make room for quality time in small packages spread out during a regular weekday.”

What is it that you love most with each other?

Hanna – “It’s his confidence. I feel very safe and confident together with Jimmy. He inspires me and our common humor is a great strength.”

Jimmy -”She has the biggest heart and she’s a real giver. I love her laughter and her energy, it rubs off and make me happy.” 

“How do you imagine your future together?”

Hanna – ”More traveling, we love to travel and there’s still a lot of places we haven’t discovered yet. We might also find more common ground when it comes to our work. I’m looking forward to lots of adventures ahead!”

Jimmy – ”Yes, I totally agree, there is nothing like discovering new places together. I’ve always been happy with my engineering-job, but getting involved in the fashion industry is super exciting and comes with the benefit of being able to spend more time together. Let’s see what the future brings.”

“One last question. Where and when are your favorite moments, with an all over great feeling?”

Hanna – “Sunday evening, at home with great food, comics and each other!”

Jimmy – “The moments after a period of hard work when you just drop everything, return home and just chill together.”

We tested some of our garments on Hanna and Jimmy to get a view on how they would style WACAY with their current wardrobe.

Hanna wears Jane Jacket in Tofu White. Jimmy wears Wray Jacket and Wray Pant.