Just Friday!


Since we started WACAY in 2016, the whole project has been about high quality and sustainability. For us sustainability is much more then what fibers and compositions are being used. The whole chain of choices from design to materials, production and how the garment is being used and taken care of is affecting people and nature.
We aim to deliver garments that takes the full chain in consideration. We also like to raise questions about what is sustainable. Our view of the ultimate sustainable product is that it firstly has to be designed to stay usable for a long period of time. In our team we are still wearing garments our forefathers bought. Secondly it has to be produced in a way that puts as little strain as possible on people and nature.
We would like to put all our efforts on making better and better garments that stays actual and supports its wearer with less stress. This campaign driven market, influenced by American consumption models makes no sense when it comes to sustainability. People are getting stressed for no reason.
Last year we took part in the Black Friday event, but felt very bad about it. We don’t agree with the consumption events where we are pushed to buy products we don’t necessarily need and that we may not even use. Everybody knows now that someone has to pay for what we don’t want to pay, either the planet or the workers making the garment.
So today the whole WACAY team took the decision to say goodbye to Black Friday.
All over the world, more and more brands and projects are saying no to Black Friday. Even if we respect all the companies who are still doing Black Friday, today we just wanted to say out loud that we don’t want to do it anymore.
It is a relief for us, because this Friday is not Black anymore, and we want to live in a world where Fridays are just Fridays.