These represents the areas where we see the biggest challenges and our greatest responsibilities as a lifestyle brand. We have a long journey a head of us until we reach our goals, but we are constantly trying to improve our processes and review our decisions to make sure that they are in line with our vision of a more sustainable textile industry. By producing timeless clothing without the element of fast fashion we focus on a versatile wardrobe that stays in style. Combined with functional characteristics and high quality materials we want our clothes to outlive us to become story tellers for the next generation of wearers.



Our first step in contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry is to ensure that our clothes will last. All quality clothing should at least last for years but we want our clothes to last for generations. We therefor consciously plan the design of every WACAY clothing to become the most sustainable and long lasting as possible. We design, develop and test all our products in Sweden and carefully choose fibers, fabrics, accessories and details that contribute to sustainable process of long-lasting fashion.

Our promise is that every WACAY product is carefully designed and produced to last, both quality and style wise. Every component and detail is carefully chosen to keep this promise. We do not claim that this is a perfect process but we’re learning from every step. We will continue to improve and search for new ways to prolong the longevity of every WACAY piece.

In addition we also consciously work to slowdown the pace of consumption by designing for a sustainable style rather than seasonal fashion. We aim to create timeless pieces that can be placed into different decades, situations, locations and remain functional, attractive and valuable. This is deeply rooted in all our designing processes. In everything from our choice of color, type of silhouettes to the practical functionality in every piece.

To produce long-lasting and sustainable products we choose each material with a regard for both the environment and quality characteristics. We also choose simple designs to minimise fabric spill, increase production efficiency, facilitate recycling and prolong style longevity. We use recycled, regenerated and organic materials whenever possible. It is unfortunately too often that we have to make exceptions but are determined to increase the quota of these fibers, collection by collection.



A sustainable production isn’t only about creating clothes of the highest quality. It also includes to ensure that the manufacturing process is sustainable from both an environmental and social perspective. We therefore work solely with high level suppliers, that ensures certified and controlled production lines.

We deliberately produce our collections in smaller volumes to avoid mass production where the working conditions often are more stressful. By cooperating with smaller manufacturers we are able to have more influence and better insight in the production processes. Our conviction is that longterm and good relationships are essential for a transparent production. When sourcing we consciously look for manufacturers that cooperates with other reliable brands that share our ethical values.

Finally, we aim to minimise our C2O emissions by sourcing and producing materials within the same countries, whenever possible. Half our production is currently based in Europe and we aim to move more of it closer to home. All our European manufacturers must follow the environmental policies and ethical guidelines set by the EU. This includes the standards regarding minimum wage, working conditions, human rights and environmental impact. By doing so, we ensure that each step of the production and material sourcing moves towards modern and sustainable methods. Additionally, all manufacturers must also follow the social and environmental guidelines presented in our code of conduct.  Our own business, our suppliers and our manufacturers are all following these values and standards.



It is our full responsibility to make the journey from design to final product as sustainable as possible. But we also see it as our mission to educate our customers on how to make their care more sustainable. We’ve therefor conducted a sustainable care guide with tips on how to prolong our clothes life with minimal environmental impact.

You find our care guide here.