Terms and Conditions apply to the orders and purchases that you make through WACAY webshop, which is available at wacay.com and all the sub-pages of this site. By ordering from the site you agree that the terms apply between you and WACAY. The site runs by WACAY Weekend Adventure Company AB with registered office in Hovås. Nr: 559045-5621) (VAT registration number SE559045562101)

Your order constitutes a request to purchase and pay certain products from WACAY, when you place your order, you will receive an e-mail in which WACAY confirms receipt of your order.

This confirmation does not mean that your order has been accepted. All orders are subject to WACAY approval and a subject to availability on stock. WACAY will send a confirmation by e-mail that the product has been shipped to you (Delivery Information). The agreement between you and WACAY ends when WACAY sends the delivery Information.

You must be at least 18 years old to make orders and shop on the Website.

WACAY reserves the right to be out of stock, wrong numbers of pieces in stock, technical issues, specifications changes and any typographical errors on our site. WACAY also reserves the right to ensure that certain product information is not complete.

If WACAY not are able to find your residential address, your order will not be valid. WACAY also reserves the right to refuse orders in special cases.

WACAY strives for the reproduction of the products on the Website to be as close as possible to the reality. WACAY can not guarantee that all images accurately reflect the actual appearance of the products, such as WACAY can not guarantee that the proportions and colors on the Website accurately reflect the proportions and colors that the garment has in reality. How the colors are reproduced depends, for example, on on your screen, your graphics card and settings on your devise.



Prices on the website are quoted in Swedish currency including 25% Swedish VAT. (Or €) The prices of the goods are stated exclusive of shipping and fees, which in some special cases can be added associate to checkout. Also read below about our shipping and fees.

The site contains a large number of products and it´s a possibility that some products, even if WACAY efforts not to, may be incorrectly priced. WACAY checks always the prices as part of the shipping strategy before the goods are sent to you.


Transport Damage

All shipments sent from WACAY to costumers are insured by WACAY. If you notice a damage to the package when you receives it, you must always claim it directly at the delivery point. If you find it at home before you open the package, you must contact customer service immediately.

Damaged goods caused by transport is alway free of charge by WACAY.


Privacy Act


All information you provide to WACAY when you make an order are for the customer relationship between you and WACAY. WACAY protects your privacy and always strives for a high level of data protection (for example, we would never sell your personal data to another company). WACAY Weekend Adventure Company AB is responsible for the handling of personal data.

Categories of personal data for the purpose of handling order / purchase:

Contact details (eg address, email and phone number)
Payment History
Payment Information
Third party payment services Paypal or Klarna also handle Credit Information from Credit Reporting Companies and Personal Identification Numbers Depending on Payment Methods
Purchase information (for example, which item has been ordered or if the item is to be delivered to another address)

Actions performed:

Delivery (including notification and contact regarding delivery)
Identification and age control. Handling of payment (including analysis of possible payment solutions which may include a check against payment history and crediting of credit reports from Klarna)
Address Verification
Handling of complaint and warranty matters

Legal basis: Completion of the purchase agreement. This collection of your personal information is required in order to fulfill our obligations under the purchase agreement. If the information is not provided, our commitments can not be fulfilled and we are therefore forced to refuse your purchase.
Storage period: Until the purchase has been completed (including delivery and payment) and for a period of 36 months thereafter in order to handle any complaints and warranty matters.

From what sources do we retrieve your personal information?

In addition to the information you provide to us or as we collect from you based on your purchases and how you use our services, we may also collect personal information from someone else (third party). The information we collect from third parties is as follows:
1) Addresses from public records to be sure we have the correct address details for you.
2) Credit rating data from credit rating agencies, banks or disclosure companies.

Who can we share your personal information with?

Personal Data Assistants. In cases where it is necessary for us to provide our services, we share your personal information with companies that are called personal information assistants for us. A personal information assistant is a company that processes the information on our behalf and according to our instructions. We have personal information assistants who help us with:

1) Transport (logistics companies and freight forwarders).
2) Payment solutions (short-term companies, banks and other payment service providers).
3) Marketing (print and distribution, social media, media agencies or advertising agencies).
4) IT services (companies that handle necessary operations, technical support and maintenance of our IT solutions).

When your personal information is shared with Personal Data Counseling, it is only for purposes that are consistent with the purposes for which we have collected the information (for example, to fulfill our obligations under the Purchase Agreement). We check all Personal Data Counselors to ensure that they can provide sufficient guarantees regarding the security and confidentiality of personal data. We have written agreements with all personal information officers through which they guarantee the security of the personal data processed and undertake to comply with our security requirements as well as restrictions and requirements regarding the international transfer of personal data.

Companies that are independent personally responsible. We also share your personal information with some companies that are independent personal data administrators. The fact that the company is independent personally responsible means that we are not controlling how the information submitted to the company will be treated. Independent personal data officers with whom we share your personal information are:

1) Government agencies (police, tax authorities or other authorities) if we are required to do so by law or in suspicion of crime.
2) Companies dealing with general freight transport (logistics companies and freight forwarders).
3) Businesses offering payment solutions (card-insolvent companies, banks and other payment service providers).

When your personal information is shared with a company that is an independent personally responsible person, it applies to the company’s privacy policy and personal data management.

Where do we process your personal information?

We always strive for your personal data to be processed within the EU / EEA and all our own IT systems are located within the EU / EEA. However, in case of systematic support and maintenance, we may have to transfer the information to a non-EU country. if we share your personal information with a personal data counselor who, either himself or through a subcontractor, is established or stores information in a non-EU country. In these cases, the assistant may only share the information relevant to the purpose (eg log files).

Regardless of the country in which your personal data are processed, we take all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that the level of protection is the same as within the EU / EEA. In those cases
Personal data processed outside the EU / EEA is guaranteed by either a decision by the EU Commission that the country concerned ensures an adequate level of protection or through the use of appropriate safeguards. Examples of appropriate protection measures are approved code of conduct in the country of destination, standard contract clauses, binding company internal rules or privacy shield. If you want a copy of the safeguards that have been taken or information about where these have been made available, please contact us.

How long do we save your personal information?

We will never save your personal information longer than is necessary for each purpose. See more about the specific storage periods for each purpose.

What do you have for rights as registered?

Right to access (ie, register extract). We are always transparent and transparent about how we treat your personal information and if you want a deeper insight into what personal data we are dealing with, you may request access to the information (the information is provided in the form of a registry drawing indicating purpose, categories of personal data, categories of recipients, storage periods, information about where the information has been collected and the existence of automated decision making).

Please note that if we receive a request for access, we may ask for additional information to ensure the effective handling of your request and that the information is provided to the correct person.

Right to rectification. You may request that your personal information be corrected if the information is incorrect. Within the stated purpose, you also have the right to supplement any incomplete personal data.

Right to erasure. You may request the deletion of personal data we are dealing with if you:
The data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or processed. You oppose an interest weighing we have made based on legitimate interest and your objection is heavier than our legitimate interest.
You oppose processing for direct marketing purposes.
Personal data is processed illegally.
Personal data must be erased to comply with a legal obligation we are subject to. Personal data have been collected for a child (under 13 years) for which you have parental responsibility and collection has been made in connection with the provision of information society services (eg social media).

Keep in mind that we may have the right to deny your request if there are legal obligations that prevent us from immediately deleting certain personal information. These obligations derive from accounting and tax legislation, banking and money laundering legislation, but also from consumer law. It may also be possible that treatment is necessary for us to determine, enforce or defend legal claims. Should we be prevented from meeting a request for deletion, we will instead block personal data from being used for purposes other than the purpose that prevents the requested deletion.

Right to restriction. You are entitled to request that our processing of your personal data be limited. If you disagree that the personal information we process is correct, you may request limited treatment during the time we need to check whether your personal information is correct. If we no longer need your personal information for the stated purposes, but you need them to determine, enforce or defend legal claims, you may request limited processing of our data. This means that you can request that we do not delete your information.

If you have objected to an interest-bearing interest of legitimate interest that we have made as a legal basis for an end, you may request limited treatment for the time we need to check whether our legitimate interests outweigh your interests in getting the data deleted.

If the treatment has been limited in accordance with any of the above situations, we may, in addition to the actual storage, process the data to determine, enforce or defend legal claims, to protect someone else’s rights or if you have given your consent.

Right to object to certain types of treatment. You are always entitled to avoid direct marketing and to object to all processing of personal data based on a balance of interest.

Fair interest: In cases where we use an interest balance as a legal basis for an end, you have the opportunity to object to the treatment. In order to continue processing your personal information after such objection, we need to display a compelling legitimate reason for the current treatment that weighs heavier than your interests, rights or freedoms. Otherwise, we may only process the data to determine, exercise or defend legal claims.

Direct Marketing (including analyzes performed for direct marketing purposes): You are able to object to your personal data being processed for direct marketing. The objection also includes the analysis of personal data (“profiling”) performed for direct marketing purposes. Direct marketing refers to all types of outreach promotional actions (eg by mail, email and text). Marketing measures where you as a customer have actively chosen to use one of our services or else sought us to know more about our services do not count as direct marketing (eg product recommendations or other features and offers on My Pages).

If you oppose direct marketing, we will discontinue the processing of your personal data for that purpose and terminate all types of direct marketing measures.

Right to data portability. If our right to process your personal data is based either on your consent or performance of an agreement with you, you are entitled to request the data relating to you and which you have provided to us to another personally responsible person (ie data portability). A prerequisite for data portability is that the transmission is technically possible and can be automated.

How do we handle social security numbers?

We will only process your personal identification number when it is clearly motivated for the purpose, necessary for secure identification, or if there is any other reasonable reason. We will always minimize the use of your social security number, by using, if it is enough, your birth number instead.

How are your personal data protected?

We use IT systems to protect the privacy, privacy and access to personal data. We have taken special security measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized or unauthorized treatment (such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction or damage). Only those persons who actually need to process your personal information to fulfill our stated purposes have access to them.




The site may contain links to other sites, in that case it is not controlled by WACAY. WACAY is not responsible for privacy data or the content on these sites.We only provide links to facilitate our visitors to find more information in specific areas.


Force Major

In case of war, warlike situation, civil war, revolution, rebellion, action from government, strike, lockout, natural disaster or similar situation WACAY will be able to apply Force Major. It means that this agreement does not have to be followed by. If this happens, we will try to inform the customers about the situation. In case of any dispute, we will follow the recommendation of the Swedish Complaints Board.




According to the Electronic Communications Act, which came into force on July 25, 2003, anyone visiting a website with cookies will be informed that the site contains cookies, what they are used for and how cookies can be avoided.

What are cookies and how do we use it?

Cookies are a small text file consisting of letters and numbers sent from our web server and stored on your browser or device. At WACAY.com , we use the following cookies:
1) Session cookies (a temporary cookie that ends when you close your browser or device).
2) Durable cookies (cookies remaining on your computer until you delete them or they expire).
3) Pre-Cookies (cookies set by the website you visit).
4) Third-party cookies (cookies set by a third-party site. These are primarily used for analytics, such as Google Analytics.).
5) Similar techniques (techniques that store information in your browser or device in a manner similar to cookies).
The cookies we use usually improve the services we offer. Some of our services need cookies to work properly, while others improve the services for you. We use cookies for overall analytical information regarding your use of our services and for saving functional settings such as language and other tasks. We also use cookies to target relevant marketing to you. You can read more about cookies specifically for Åhléns at åhlens.se / cookies.

Can you control the use of cookies yourself?

Yes! Your browser or device allows you to change the settings for the usage and extent of cookies. Go to the settings of your browser or device to learn more about adjusting the settings for cookies. Examples of things you can adjust are blocking all cookies, accepting first-party cookies, or deleting cookies when you close your browser. Keep in mind that some of our services might not work if you block or delete cookies.You can read more about cookies generally on the Post and Telecom Agency website, pts.se.


Immaterial Rights

The content of the website belongs to WACAY. All trademarks are registered trademarks. Photographs on the website may not be copied or used without our approval.



We at WACAY obviously want you to be satisfied with your products. Therefore, we offers an open purchase for 14 days from picking up your goods. Including sale.

You can of course try the goods before you send them back but the goods must be returned unused, together with original labels, tags and with original packaging. Swimwear or underwear may be removed from its packaging but not tested for hygienic reasons.



Please note that items ordered from WACAY.com can not be returned to retailers that distribute WACAY products. These Companys are independent and only buys products from WACAY.
Use the return slip. On the return slip you fill in which goods you want to return and the reason why. The package will then be submitted to the nearest DHL access point and return to us.

The handling usually takes 2-5 bank days before we will receive and handle your return.

Remember to always keep the receipt on your repurchase when you have submitted it to the postoffice. If your package would of any reason be lost, you need to be able to show a receipt that the package has been submitted.

The return package should be returned with a traceable shipping note. We recommend that you use WACAYS Consignment-note. We will process your return immediately when we get it back to our warehouse. You will receive an confirmation that we have received the goods by e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation within 8 days of returning your package, please contact customersupport@wacay.com.


Credit Card Payment

You will be refunded to the same card as your purchase was made. It will take 2-5 bank days after we have received and processed your return before returning the funds to your account.

Invoice Payment – Read Klarnas terms Here.

Account Payment – Read Klarnas terms Here.


Wrong Delivery

If a product is damaged or inconsistent with the product you ordered, please contact our customer service as soon as you discover the defect. If the package is damaged during pickup or something is destroyed, please save the package and contact customer service at mail customersupport@wacay.com with name, phone nr and cause. WACAY will contact you within 24 hours.



If the item is purchased in a store, you will return it to the place of purchase for claims. If the item is purchased at WACAY.com, send an e-mail to customersupport@wacay.com. Attach image of the item, approximate date of purchase and describe what kind of defect on the product. When WACAY is returning goods from a customer, In case of a claim, the costumer i responsible of the risk of damage at the gods that may arise during transport. In case of dispute, WACAY refers to ARN (General Complaints Board) and WACAY always follows their recommendations.

If the product is an approved claim, WACAY will stand for the return shipping and for any shipping for delivery of new replacement goods. If the return of the goods is send in another way than the enclosed return note, we will refund you by 49 SEK





In connection with the order, the amount is reserved. However, the amount will not be charged from the account until the goods have been shipped from our warehouse. We charge only for the goods that actually ships from our warehouse. Products that may be sold out are not charged. Adjustments can take up to three bank days.

WACAY.com and associated domaIns currently accepts Visa and MasterCard/Eurocard types.

Once you confirm your order, the amount is reserved.



WACAY offers 14 days invoice in cooperation with Klarna AB.

To be able to order an invoice, you must be 18 years old and be registered in Sweden and approved in the credit test performed at the time of purchase. It is not allowed to use another person’s information when purchasing against invoice. WACAY reserves the right to cancel orders at the request of Klarna AB in case of suspicion of fraud. The invoice is sent by e-mail from Klarna AB to the e-mail address you enter when you place the order (via email from Klarna AB). You can also find it on Klarnas web site; https://klarna.com/sv/mina-sidor/

Avoid delay / reminder fees by paying the invoice before the last payment date.

If you have questions about your invoice, always contact Klarna costumer service at https://klarna.com/en/kundservice or phone 08-120 120 10.
Invoice Payment – Read Klarnas terms here.

Account Payment – Read Klarnas terms here.