Cutting Wray Pleat Pant


We took Wray for a spin at the local skate park. The way Wray is cut gives this pant a special silhouette. With inspiration from jeans, rail road workers and semi formal leisure wear we shaped this versatile pant into a great new fit. The overall look is loose over seat and thighs with a tapered leg. The waist line is a bit higher then most jeans and chinos, similar to an older pair ofLevis 501 jeans.



What makes Wray Pant special is the way the with is distributed around the body. We made the side seams almost completely straight as a pair of selvage jeans and gathered the with in the front with two pleats. This way of cutting the durable cotton twill achieves great comfort and a nice up to date shape with the shapes at the right place. The twill fabric has the same touch as a traditional 3/1 denim twill. This sturdy weave makes the drape very rustic and masculine.